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About John Maidlow Interiors & Other Great Stuff

John Maidlow Interiors & Other Great Stuff, have been in business since 1975 in the interior design profession. John Maidlow at John Maidlow Interiors & Other Great Stuff, is a independent Professional Interior Designer. John Maidlow Interiors & Other Great Stuff, work through out California and across the country in all areas of interior design including residential, corporate/commercial, retail and health care and meet the highest standards of education, experience.

John Maidlow

Phone: (562) 889-0132

John Maidlow is an experienced Interior Designer with many years of experience in furniture, seating, carpet, lighting, paint, and wall covering. John also has the knowledge and ability to create a new home from the ground up or to design your remodel or addition for you. Living and conducting his business in the Whittier area since 1975, John Maidlow has worked though out California and the U.S.A. From Brea and Cerritos area to the bay area and north, from Palm Springs to Hawaii. John has spent the last 40 years making the world a nicer place to live, one client at a time